REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Creation of the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the participation of enterprises in European Programmes.

PROMOTION OF GROWTH of Greek regions, via the transfer of technology and innovation, aiming at the creation of an environment that will encourage the investments and the expansion of the market.

INFORMATION AWARENESS for the exploitation of alternative forms of communication and collaboration with the use of information technology and broadband (e-Collaboration).

TRANSFER OF INNOVATION Development of stable cooperation axes between Enterprises and Universities, so that, among other benefits, is promoted the transfer of technology between Greece and other European member states – in sectors like: Research, Technological Growth, Education and Training, Information Technology, International Relations and Regional Development.

VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING Preparation and development of programs for initial vocational training and lifelong learning.

INFORMATICS AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES Promotion of new, innovative forms of education and employment with the use of new technologies and of ICT (e-Learning, Teleworking)

SOCIAL COHESION Promotion of intercultural and social dialogue, encouraging the respect of the diversity and a sense of stability, safety and reciprocal comprehension.

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