Over half of all development aid comes from the EU and its members, making them collectively the world's largest aid donor. Most aid goes to low-income and least developed countries.

How much does the EU spend on development?

In 2013, the EU spent €56.2 bn on development aid – aid from EU funds combined with aid from EU countries' national budgets.

That amounts to 0.43% of EU gross national income (GNI). EU countries have committed themselves to reaching the target of 0.7% of GNI by 2015.

Eradicating poverty in the new millennium

EU development policy aims above all to eradicate poverty through a sustainable approach. Key to this are the UN's 8 Millennium Development Goals  They range from halving extreme poverty and halting the spread of HIV/AIDS to providing universal primary education.

While the number of people living in absolute poverty has fallen by 600 million since 1990, less progress has been made towards the other goals, particularly reducing deaths of mothers and babies during childbirth and providing clean drinking water. The EU has pledged an additional €1 bn to be used in 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries in pursuing the goals on which least progress has been made...



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