Responsibility for employment and social policy lies primarily with national governments. EU funding supports and complements their efforts.

To counteract the impact of demographic ageing, EU employment and social policy is designed to:

  •    ease the transition from school to work
  •    make it easier to find a job
  •    modernise social security systems
  •    make it easier for workers to move freely around the EU
  •    alleviate poverty
  •    protect people with disabilities

The EU also:

  •    coordinates & monitors national policies
  •    encourages member countries to share best practices on social inclusion, poverty & pensions
  •    supports training, skills development & entrepreneurship
  •    makes laws on workers’ rights, discrimination at work & coordination of social security schemes, and monitors their implementation..

(source : http://europa.eu/pol/socio/index_en.htm)


Read the Full Policy Instrument here...


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