The Global Innovation Index (2015)


Innovation-driven growth is no longer the prerogative of high-income countries alone. Developing countries increasingly design policies intended to increase their innovation capacity. Innovation policies have taken different forms, depending on countries’ perceived needs; their impact has also varied across countries at similar levels of development. Certain developing countries have managed to continually improve their innovation inputs and outputs. Others still struggle. 

The difference in the impact of innovation policies raises a number of questions, including: Which developing countries outperform in innovation relative to their level of development and their peers? How do the innovation actors of these countries meaningfully design and implement effective innovation policies and practices?

One objective of this year’s GII is to seek answers to these questions by taking advantage of the rich timeseries dataset it has produced since 2011. Independent from the yearly changes in rankings, our analysis identifies economies that consistently overperform when compared with those of a similar level of development. Although not even a decade ago many of these low- and middle-income economies were not on the innovation map, they are now increasingly part of a more globalized innovation landscape. Their experience holds lessons for other countries and for the global distribution of innovation more broadly.

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