Open Innovation 2.0 Yearbook - edition 2016

The 2016 edition of the Open Innovation 2.0 Yearbook focuses on real-world OI2 business, research and policy examples. The publication was presented for the first time during the OI2 Conference (23-24 May) in Amsterdam.

In this 2O16 edition of our OI2 yearbook you will find more fresh thinking as well as compelling evidence of emergence of the OI2 paradigm. This new mode of Innovation is blurring the Innovation lines between Governments, Companies, Universities and Citizens. As we continue to review and document the evolution of open innovation the key patterns are becoming ever clearer. We hope you enjoy the read and also invite you to contribute to future editions of the OI2 workbook so that we can collectively co-develop and diffuse OI2 further to bring forth more societal and economic value.

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