Our country's growth prospects as a whole and, consequently, the society and the individual in particular, is the pharos that guides all activities and actions of our organization. The European Union, wishing to look to the future at the macro level of nations, has drawn up and already started the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy which has as the main axes the following:



  • Smart growth through the transformation of the classical structured European Union economies towards knowledge creation and innovation.

  • Sustainable development through the strengthening of competition and the intensity of the green economy.

  • Cohesive and inclusive economy, that embraces and pushes each individual citizen and provides social and territorial cohesion.


In the above mentioned context, the full compliance and common navigation with Europe 2020 strategy, is the foundation on which we build our vision.

In particular and taking into account the critical situation experienced by the society and the country, but also conscious of the need to overcome in all levels and especially those related to current attitudes, practices and reasonable, the Creative and Innovative Society proceeds to the following categorization of our organization's goals contributing effectively towards the development at all levels.

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