• To improve and enhance the "smart" development, networking and cooperation focusing on knowledge production, green business and respect for the environment; to promote new models of development, and to align with regional and inter-regional European Union policies; to improve and to strengthen the education system and to reveal the significance of the role it can play.

  • To promote innovation across borders, national / regional and local level.

  • To provide support to access and / or incorporation into society of weaker social strata (equality in knowledge and professional / business creativity) directed by the cost-benefit principles.

  • To promote investment competence, readiness and culture and impact investment activity with social impact and dimensions.

  • The planning, development, promotion and support of open access, effective use of any kind of ancient Greek texts kept at the premises of Universities of Cambridge, the Oxford and other institutions worldwide and their disposal to the global scientific community and every citizen internationally without obstacles.
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