C&IS’s personnel consists of experienced Executives who all are in constant contact with a team of specialised Consultants so that the main policy areas should reflect the widest range of views, opinions and needs within the local and business communities. Staff members consist of highly qualified, multi-lingual university graduates, with professional experience in European affairs, research and project management as well as technical background.

All members of staff have worked together in various combinations. As far as C&IS’s activities are concerned, they have come together to form a knowledgeable, motivated and powerful team capable of accomplishing the expected goals.

In response to the complex requirements of the various E.U. programmes, in which the staff of our Organisation has been actively involved, its personnel is further supported by External Consultants, specialised in certain domains of science.

C&IS’s members have been involved in all phases of the project management cycle including project identification, fact-finding, planning, fundraising, appraisal, coordination, monitoring and evaluation, as an integral part of carrying the project responsibility or as separate tasks with investigative missions.

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